Toronto is a growing centre of innovation with a diverse population facing complex needs. What if we applied the talent, passion and ideas of a City of Innovators to create scalable solutions for the city we love? It’s possible.

Our Mission


We focus on creating meaningful solutions for the people of Toronto through human-centered design principles, new ideas and modern tools. We believe that enhancing the collection, analysis and availability of data helps us all understand Toronto better.


We engage with Toronto’s growing innovation sector as a client, co-creator and champion. By focusing on resident-facing issues and encouraging collaboration between City divisions, we develop opportunities for talented people to do their best work with the City.


Photo of Paula Kwan

Paula Kwan


Paula Kwan brings a deep and broad set of experience from the software industry with a focus on building ambitious projects, teams and departments from zero-to-one, delivering results in an agile way, and ensuring those solutions and improvements are scalable.

Eager to make an impact in her own community, Paula is excited to leverage her experience, passion, and network within the tech sector to help take the City of Toronto to the next level of this innovation movement.

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Headshot of David Jibodu

David Jibodu

Design Strategist

David Jibodu, MDes (SFI), BASc, is a policy and innovation management professional with business experience in the private and public sector. Within the public sector, he has worked on strategies for the digital economy, automated vehicles, artificial intelligence, and long-term healthcare. In his “past life”, as a private sector consultant, he worked at the intersection of technology, marketing, communication, manufacturing, product development and change management for various business sectors.

David’s passion and will to bring positive change has seen him mentor young entrepreneurs and future leaders at the University of Toronto’s Hatchery and their Institute of Leadership Education in Engineering. The only thing he is more passionate about is human centred design for creating services, products, processes, programs and policies, which delight and reflect the needs and desires of the people that use them.

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Headshot of Jennifer Ma

Jennifer Ma

Design Researcher

Jennifer believes that the bridge between design and experience can be closed by taking the time to listen to what people have to say. Jennifer uses human-centered design practices but is not a designer. Instead, she uses qualitative and quantitative research methods in order so that products and services are designed with a greater valuation of human diversity and inclusion.

She brings to the Civic Innovation Office the mindset of a not-for-profit worker who is trained in linguistics and geography. Jennifer solves solves problems by observing, analyzing and comparing assumptions of how things work versus how places, products and services are actually used and experienced.

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Headshot of Molly Connor

Molly Connor

Molly is a strategist, designer and creative thinker with a background in community and economic development in Rural Nova Scotia. Molly is currently completing her Masters of Design at OCAD University in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation program, with a focus on social impact, technology and future cities design. She is always searching for new ways to explore, challenge and find meaning through complex problem solving in our current and future worlds.

Utilizing a human perspective to design purpose driven projects, services and experiences, Molly is passionate about community and the integration of technology and the individual through tangible integration of data analytics, research, design and strategy.

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Headshot of Riley Mccullough

Riley Mccullough

Riley is a designer and urban strategist passionate about creating cities for long-term livability. She believes that innovation is not a top-down process and that the success of the Civic Innovation Office will be built on the knowledge, expertise and capabilities of City of Toronto staff and residents. With previous experience in Toronto’s City Planning department and as a political staffer with a Toronto City Councillor, Riley brings an intimate understanding of the city’s processes and a passion for civic engagement and resident-led design.

Riley is currently pursuing her Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University with a research focus on urban futures and municipal innovation.

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Headshot of Kaytlin Littlemore

Kaytlin Littlemore

Kaytlin Littlemore brings a fresh set of eyes and unique experiences to the Civic Innovation team. Analytical yet compassionate, she has a keen eye for understanding human behaviour and thirst for creativity. She comes with a background in psychology, sociology and design with breadth of experience ranging from event planning to research to customer experience. Her aspiration for helping others and excitement for new opportunities is what led her to the Civic Innovation Office where she is excited to make an impact.

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We’re always looking for talented people with a passion for civic issues, human-centered design, and Toronto to join our team. Get in touch and let us know how you might support our mission!

The Civic Innovation Office is part of the City Manager’s Office and was created in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office with funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies. To ensure the success of our projects, we work closely with the Chief Corporate Officer, Chief Information Officer, Executive Director of Financial Planning and Chief Purchasing Official.