Initiatives to increase civic engagement in Toronto

At its heart, innovation is about developing creative solutions that address people’s real, unmet needs. This is why we started our priority project by building an in-depth understanding of civic engagement in Toronto, including how it affects the people living and working in the city and specifically the residents of Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas(NIAs).

We’ve been humbled and honoured to work with resident advisors, City staff and passionate partners to understand the challenges to more inclusive and diverse civic participation, followed by gathering ideas that we could quickly co-create and test for maximum impact.

Read on to find out our list of potential solutions in progress!

We’re hiring a Civic Design Strategist

We have some exciting news to share…

At the Civic Innovation Office at the City of Toronto, we believe in the power of cities – and city government – to dramatically improve people’s lives. We also recognize the pool of world-class talent of service designers right here in Toronto. The intersection of these two areas is the Civic Design Strategist position on our innovation team (“i-team”).

If working with residents, government and community stakeholders to deploy a range of strategies, including quantitative research, ethnographic study, and design based innovation to create fresh, bold solutions with speed and agility gets you excited, then keep reading…

26 People You’ll Want to Meet at Elevate Social Impact!

First and foremost, we want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who submitted their presentation idea to our open call for speakers to Elevate Social Impact. We were inspired by all of your thoughtful and impactful ideas, which led us to redesign our original agenda to build in as many speakers as we could in the day.

We’re positive Elevate Social Impact will include speakers who will inspire you, teach you, and help you make a real change. So who are they?

Drum roll, please…

Hello World

Hooray! Our first Medium post is up.

Throughout the year, we’ll be using the blogging platform Medium to shed light on the processes, projects, and people behind our efforts — efforts that will make 2018 a banner year for the City of Toronto and for you, our city’s residents, and for the many City staff alongside whom we work.

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City of Toronto launches Civic Innovation Office

The City of Toronto officially launched its new Civic Innovation Office today, led by Director Paula Kwan.

The Office was created in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and its Innovation Teams Program, which helps cities solve problems in new ways to deliver better results for residents.

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Toronto Launches Civic Innovation Office, Announces Paula Kwan as Director

During a talk at Elevate Toronto, the City of Toronto announced the official launch of its Civic Innovation Office with Paula Kwan as its director.

The city first announced its intention to launch the Office in March 2017, after being the first Canadian city to receive a $500,000 multi-year grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies, which provides municipalities with funding to build out innovation teams.

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City of Toronto Launching Civic Innovation Office to Procure Tech Solutions for City Problems

The City of Toronto has announced the creation of a Civic Innovation Office, which will work with City divisions and agencies to identify major challenges that can be solved through innovative partnerships with external teams.

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City of Toronto launches Civic Innovation Office to enhance service to the public

The City of Toronto has created the Civic Innovation Office, which will help solve municipal service delivery challenges by creating a bridge between City divisions and Toronto’s growing innovation and technology communities.

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